Monday, 17 December 2012

New Social Media Group

Following the popularity of the social media workshop two weeks ago, myself and Thom Corah are pleased to accept the role of facilitators for a new social media group to help members explore the practicalities and possibilities of using social media for teaching and learning and more widely.

We of course do not know all there is to know about social media, but we both have good experience of various aspects of social media use and will be able to use this to help people along the various paths that they wish to travel. We also hope that group members can help each other by sharing best practice and ideas.

We propose to hold the first meeting on Thursday January 24th from 1-3pm We’ve set a side two hours for the initial meeting which ideally we’d like you to attend for at least the first 90 mins. We have arranged subsequent follow up meetings on Thursday, February 7th at 1pm and Thursday, February 21st at 1pm, where the intention is to work as a group for an hour, with some spill over time for those that have things that they have time to explore a bit further. All Meetings to be held in the usual TDU Building (near Fletcher building).

We look forward to taking things forward in the new year. Please let us know if you are coming it will help with the planning. If you have a mobile device such as laptop or tablet please bring it with you. Not everyone will need one, but we will need a few for some group work that we will do.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Steve and Thom

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