Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wed 8 Feb 12-2pm Brown Bag event: Transdisciplinarity and the REF

Can transdisciplinarity fit into the REF? What practical steps can we take to make it more acceptable in the discipline-bound culture of HEFCE?

Discussion hosted by Sue Thomas in the TDC. Bring your sandwiches and drop in any time between 12-2.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

DMU Intranet News about the TDC

DMU's new Transdisciplinary Common Room is now open.

Academics and professional staff from across the university came together this week to mingle, chat and network in the new space which aims to bring people from hugely different disciplines together.

Located in the old doctor's surgery in the Fletcher quad, the common room is now open every day for all staff to use.

Lunchtime 'brown bag' sessions between 12 and 2pm in the common room will give you the chance to have a lunch hour with a difference. Presentations from experts from inside and outside the university will provoke stimulating discussions with staff from across the university.

Toby Moores, whose company Sleepydog is sponsoring the space, said: "This is a place where conversations can happen, where people can bring their half-baked ideas and ill-formed thoughts and develop them. The university needs spaces like this, where people can meet colleagues and just chat to each other."

Sue Thomas, the event organiser and member of DMU's Transdisciplinary Group said: "In the space of two hours I overheard the beginnings of several promising collaborations between mathematicians, designers, social scientists, lawyers and artists, to name but a few, all encountering each other for the first time."

From now on you can visit the Transdisciplinary Common Room, get involved, meet fascinating people and expand your horizons.

For more information, including a full programme of events, visit the Transdisciplinary Blog, or contact Sue Thomas by emailing sue.thomas@dmu.ac.uk