Future Forecasting: 2025

In the Spring Semester of 2013 we gathered in the Transdisciplinary Common Room to talk about Future Forecasting and offer our own predictions for 2025.

"The future is like a corridor into which we can see only by the light coming from behind.” Edward Weyer Jr., anthropologist
Image: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01819/future-city_1819612b.jpg
All academics are experts in the past and present of their subject. But can you hazard a prediction for what you might be teaching and researching in 2025? This series looked at the skills of future foresight and invited colleagues to make their own predictions alongside external speakers Pat Kane, Lead Curator at Nesta, and Stella Wisdom, Digital Curator at the British Library.

In Spring 2013 the TDC asked colleagues to peer ahead a dozen years and think about the year 2025. What will your discipline look like in twelve years’ time? Whether your subject area is Law, Computer Science, Healthcare, English, Design, Social Work or anything else we teach or research at DMU, each will undoubtedly be different in 2025. What will be the problems, issues and opportunities facing it in 2025? What will the campus itself look like?

They were asked to offer a 30 minute talk or workshop including at least one prediction for 2025. For example, they might look at:
  • what are the burning issues in your field now?
  • what do you predict they will be in 2025?
  • what difficulties have you faced in predicting the future of your subject?
  • what measurable prediction(s) can you make about your field in 2025?
They were encouraged to look at the following websites for inspiration:
The result was a fascinating series of expert talks, intensive discussion, and a set of predictions to return to in 2025.

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