Monday, 24 September 2012

12.30 Tue 20th Nov 2012 Light, Logic and Leicester Prof Ernest Edmonds - TDC Lunchtime

Light, Logic and Leicester
Prof Ernest Edmonds, Director, IOCT
12.30 Tue 20th Nov 2012, Transdisciplinary Common Room

Review: My exhibition at Site Gallery (from 16th) and the Phoenix Master Class on the 19th deal with the transdisciplinary art research that I began at Leicester Polytechnic in 1968. I started transdisciplinary research (though we did not call it that) in art and technology in 1968 when a research assistant at Leicester Ploytechnic. I later built a transdisciplinary research centre around the topic of human computer interaction with the aid of a £1M grant. The Site exhibition, Light Logic, reviews some of the history and current results. The Master Class will introduce several pioneers to Leicester. This talk will review the dvelopments. Where are we now? Where next?"
Candy and Edmonds (eds). Interacting: Art, Research and the Creative Practitioner. Libri Press 2011.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Brainstorming for a TDC RIF application Tuesday 2nd October 1.30pm

If you're interested in putting together a collaborative RIF application about transdisciplinarity, stay behind after Gabriel Egan's lunchtime talk for a quick brainstorm. Tuesday 2nd October 1.30pm in the TDC

Sunday, 16 September 2012

NEW! 11.00-14.00 Wed 10th October 2012 TDC DIY Brunch

TDC Do-It-Yourself Brunch
Wednesday October 10, 11am – 2pm

A chance to socialise and make use of our nice new kitchen furniture. The TDC contributes the toaster, microwave, and kettle along with tea and coffee. You contribute some food - bread, crumpets, butter, jam, cheese, ham, eggs, whatever - and we share and share alike. Drop in any time between 11-2. Why not arrange to eat with colleagues from another faculty that you never get to see?

12.30 Tue 9th Oct 2012 Commitment to Social Justice in Academia: Opportunities, Tensions and Challenges Dr Thilo Boeck TDC Lunchtime

Commitment to Social Justice in Academia: Opportunities, Tensions and Challenges
Dr Thilo Boeck, Centre for Social Action, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
12.30 Tue 9th Oct 2012, Transdisciplinary Common Room

This session aims to share thoughts and provoke discussion around the tensions between research, income generation and a commitment to social justice.

Friday, 14 September 2012

12.30 Tue 2nd Oct 2012 Paperlessness, Open Access and Open Source Prof Gabriel Egan TDC Lunchtime


The slides from Gabriel's talk are at: Open Document Presentation format  PowerPoint format

Paperlessness, Open Access and Open Source
Prof Gabriel Egan Faculty of Art, Design & Humanities
12.30 Tue 2nd Oct 2012, Transdisciplinary Common Room

The first TDC Lunchtime Session of Autumn 2012 

This talk will combine a practical consideration of where we are in going paperless with some speculations about the future importance of Open Access and Open Source principles.

The existence of heaps of paper in an office has long been the signifier of intellectual activity and in the 20 years since computers started to appear on non-technical tutors' desks the trickle of paper has turned into a flood. In Shakespeare's depiction of Jack Cade's rebellion of 1450 the accusation against Lord Saye is that he has encouraged elitist learning by opening a grammar school, (anachronistically) promoted book printing, and worst of all ""thou has built a paper-mill"" (2 Henry 6). But the heyday of paper is coming to an end. Once the majority of our material is inside the computer, we can respond to any request--'May I see that article?', 'What are the essential materials for this course?', 'How many versions of Ode to a Nightingale are there?'--by handing over electronic copy for the questioner to reproduce at will. This fundamental change in medium has implications for the circulation of power in societies, as many of the laws regulating intellectual exchange--and associated ideas about copyright, intellectual property, and originality--are predicated on the difficulty and expense of reproduction on paper.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

TDC Kitchen

TDC Kitchen
We've bought a table and chairs for the TDC kitchen. Why not meet your colleagues there for lunch?

Other TDC kitchen equipment includes a kettle, fridge, microwave, toaster, and coffee-maker.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

12.30 Tue 16th Oct 2012 Augmented reality - Creating the World's First Wikipedia Town Roger Bamkin, TDC Lunchtime

Roger Bamkin, Former Director of Wikimedia UK, now working on Gibraltarpedia
12.30 Tue 16 Oct 2012, Transdisciplinary Common Room

Slides from the presentation

In only eleven years Wikipedia has grown from being the education resource that dare not speak its name to the universal arbiter of arguments in both pubs and staff rooms. This year has also seen the first County Council to partner Wikimedia to create the world's first Wikipedia Town: Monmouth a.k.a. Monmouthpedia. In one place we can see the real world matched up with its virtual counterpart, allowing people to play with augmented reality throughout an entire town. What new business models can emerge from this creation? Can British institution adapt to new ways of obtaining and sharing information? Is it possible that Wikipedia might partner a Government or "do" a whole city?

Roger Bamkin was a former mechanical engineering student at DMU back in the days when it was Leicester Polytechnic