About the TDC

From July 2013, Dr Francesca Franco of the IOCT will be managing the TDC Talks schedule. If you have ideas for next year please email her at ffranco@dmu.ac.uk
The TDC provides a relaxed and congenial space for transdisciplinary conversations about Research, Teaching and Innovation. Step outside your usual circles and get to know colleagues from other disciplines. Meet, chat, work, read or plan projects.

The TDC is based in the old surgery behind Fletcher building, No.36 on the  Campus Map. Open during usual campus hours. Access is by staff/postgrad student card. Complete this form and we'll activate it for you.

Can I book the TDC for my meetings?
Yes and no! The TDC is designed to be used by members at any time, so you may not book it for your exclusive use. However, you are welcome to arrange meetings there on the understanding that others might also be present elsewhere in the space. Once you have been to the TDC you'll understand what this means in practice - it's an open space containing several groups of furniture and various kinds of tables and chairs which you can arrange however you like. So, for example, it's an ideal venue for small discussion groups to meet on a regular basis.

How do I organise a meeting in the TDC?
  1. Consult the Google Calendar to check that the date/s and time/s you want are free.
  2. Email Sue Thomas with the information you would like added to the calendar, then check that she has entered it correctly.
  3. We won't publicise your meeting for you but you are welcome to add it to the blog, either by requesting permission to become an author or by sending your title, text and images to Sue.
Opening Times
0800 - 2130 Mon to Fri (Term Time)
0800 - 1900 Mon to Fri (Vacation Periods)

Get Involved
The TDC is built on mutual participation and collaboration. You’re invited to offer a talk or workshop, host a session, or help manage the space.

Membership is open to DMU staff and research students. To apply, please provide your P number via this form and we’ll let you know when access via your staff card has been activated. (NB no need to visit the Security Office - this can be done remotely.)

House Rules
We encourage ideas, iteration and evolution of the space, but let’s make sure it’s done safely and responsibly.

General Area:
  • Don’t leave the building door open or let any unknown person in without a DMU card. Don’t use the back door
  • Follow Health and Safety rules. This includes getting clearance for contributions of fabrics, cushions, electricals etc with the Safety Manager before bringing them in
  • Do your own washing up
  • Clear away any cartons or litter
  • Be thoughtful about noise
  • Look after technical equipment and put it away after use
Make a contribution by:
  • Bringing gifts for the space - houseplants, pottery, crockery, etc
  • Offering to run a session now and again
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Take special care with electrical equipment and clean it regularly
  • Familiarise yourself with the Health and Safety instructions and abide by them
  • Drinks are 10p each. Put your money in the collection tin. If you replenish supplies, pay for them with money from the tin.
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The Common Room is supported by sponsorship from Sleepydog media company, HEIF and the IOCT. It is managed by the cross-faculty Transdisciplinary Group Committee. External partners are the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).