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1pm Wed 6 Feb 2013: ABCs of Forecasting, Prof James Woudhuysen

ABCs of Forecasting
Prof James Woudhuysen, ADH
1pm Wed 6 Feb 2013

It is right to be sceptical about forecasting – but it's wrong to be too sceptical. Among the ABCs:

1 Make a folder of Issues around which to exert thought leadership. Include Asia
2 Collect and suspect more forecasts. Distinguish between real and perceived risk
3 Beware government's fondness for policy-based forecasts
4 What appears new isn't always new; what appears old isn't always old
5 The algebra of numerical forecasts is more important than the arithmetic
6 Identify tendencies and counter-tendencies, and try to synthesise them
7 Some of today's forecasts are complacent; most are full of doom
8 'The best way of predicting the future is to invent it'
9 Write an industry bible (even if it's just for internal use)

How TDC lunchtimes work

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