Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wed 14 March 2pm Seminar: Two different cultures building stories together: Hollywood and transmedia storytelling


Carolyn Handler Miller has decades of experience writing for both Hollywood and digital media. This talk discusses the love/hate relationship between traditional Hollywood and the digital media world, and examines the cultural misconceptions and difficulties that have to be overcome. She also draws on her own experience to describe the challenges (and unexpected pleasures) that traditional screenwriters face when they are first thrown into writing interactive digital media projects.

Carolyn is one of the pioneering writers in the field of digital media, moving into the field after a successful career in TV and feature films. Carolyn’s New Media projects include video games, virtual worlds, webisodes, intelligent toy systems, and transmedia entertainment. She’s the author the groundbreaking book on the field, “Digital Storytelling, Second Edition: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment” (Focal Press). Carolyn is a part time faculty member for the University of New Mexico’s cutting edge Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media program and a lifetime member of the Writers Guild of America.

Transdisciplinary Common Room (TDC), Fletcher Quad
Refreshments will be served

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