Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wed 23 May 4pm Teatime at the TDC: AHRC call 'Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past'

Teatime session in the Transdisciplinary Common Room (TDC), Fletcher Quad. Join us at 4pm. There's always a pot of tea on the go.

Brainstorming meeting to discuss a possible bid to the AHRC for this call. Sign up to be kept informed.

‘Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past' affords an opportunity for researchers in the arts and humanities to generate new novel understandings of the relationship between the past and the future, and the challenges and opportunities of the present through a temporally inflected lens. Importantly, it offers academic researchers in these fields the opportunity to facilitate and activate collaborations with partners including those outside HEIs in the cultural and creative sectors both in the UK and internationally.

Do come along if you're interested in being involved. Please bring a copy of the supporting PDF.

Convened by Prof Sue Thomas

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