Friday, 27 April 2012

Wed 9 May 4pm: Can beauty be a measure of transdisciplinary success?

Teatime session in the Transdisciplinary Common Room (TDC), Fletcher Quad. Join us at 4pm. There's always a pot of tea on the go.

Drawing on the idea of 'fit for purpose', I review and consider what success might look like in situations where the normal ‘knowledge affirming practices and rhetoric’ of the disciplines do not apply. Transdisciplinary research explicitly rejects such frameworks of knowledge affirmation. I consider the role of 'beauty', understood as the 'pre-conceptual ordering of experience' and 'practice-tracking' as useful indicators of success. Both draw on the counter-enlightenment, and look backwards to the scholastic era, asserting the rejection of the enlightenment account of discipline based knowledge. Paper at:

Richard Davies, Youth, Community and Education Division, HLS

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