Monday, 27 February 2012

Mon 27 February 12pm Lunchtime Talk: Teaching Critical Thought

Enthusiasm in the idea of transdisciplinarity should embrace teaching. Just over a year ago at the inaugural meeting of the TD Group, we began thinking about teaching Critical and Creative Thought across faculties. Since then, the idea has taken many forms. Ideas have come and gone. We have convened a Critical Thought Summer School for final year and research students, with huge success. This will be repeated this summer.

Reflecting on the process and on the future, we invite all those interested to share ideas on teaching critical and creative thought within and across areas of knowledge. This may include broader issues, from the question of why critical thought amongst all transdisciplinary practices, to practical issues such as time and organisational constraints. But more importantly, the discussion will be driven by the ‘what’ is taught in critical thought. In fact, ‘what is it’? And ‘how’ is it best taught? Our experience may address some issues in part. But there are certainly more questions than answers.

Sam Bamkin, Rob Canton, Mark Lemon, Melanie Petch, Sarah Younie

Lunchtime talk in the Transdisciplinary Common Room (TDC), Fletcher Quad. Bring your sandwiches and enjoy an informal and stimulating lunch break. There is always a pot of tea on the go.

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