Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Well...we want to create a space at De Montfort University where open thinking can develop around Transdisciplinary practice. Where people can genuinely relax and talk, where they serve good coffee and there are the comforts of home.

Everyone who has access via their staff card or PhD student card will be welcome and they can leave a trace of themselves or any idea that they might have for others to consider. Nothing will be sacred or profane- and we want to develop new practice in course design, research and pedagogy.

If the silo mentality is akin to a machine: pigs in at one end... and sausages out the other, we want to ask "what if?"  and put sausages in at one end and get live pigs out at the other. A sort of uncertainty engine. Perfect for the times we live in and for developing genuine innovation.

How will we undertake this experiment? Toby Moores of Sleepydog is willing to fund us for a period and develop our haven/crucible/hub/fountain-as you can see we are still searching for a name, and a suitable space on campus-an ideal drop-in space for staff and visitors alike between the faculties.

This will become in time, we hope, a catalyst and repository of good ideas about transdisciplinary practice, starting within the university and working outwards like ripples in a pool.With any luck all will be in place for September.

We hope in time to get a researcher appointed and to invite in several research fellows to act as animateurs. We can start with our own BIG PROBLEM: defining and implementing Transdisciplinarity. 

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